Frontend Engineer: ReactJS + Typescript

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Who we are

Based in London, our startup was founded in 2019 and we are now ready to launch.

The Custodian team is bringing together top talent from the tech, automotive, finance, and marketing spaces and are hyper focused on one mission: taking the pain out of automotive ownership.

But that’s not all, Cars are just the start!  In the future we plan to make ownership easy across all collectable assets: we want to “Make ownership easy”. 

We also are looking forward to introducing future generations to the automotive and collectables world: we find it remarkable how a shared interest for a physical object brings people together to create incredible adventures and stories, and form hugely passionate communities. And we hope you will be part of that journey!

The Role

We are looking for someone who is passionate about building user-facing products and loves providing the best user experience, with beautiful but simple UI using React and Typescript. 

Our ideal teammate has experience developing applications in React (personal experience counts). If you have experience in any other languages then it’s a bonus. If you’ve built applications in the past that you’re proud of, we’d love to see them.


  • Work with a full-stack & product team to develop solutions to ensure optimal experiences for our clients and end-users.
  • You’ll take part in decisions related to how we undertake new projects.
  • You’ll also participate in the design process (UI/UX), given that a lot of features will be built from scratch.
  • Utilize a variety of front-end technologies to build scalable products ( no feature idea is too ambitious to build on our front-end! We find solutions to everything and constantly learn new things).
  • You’ll gather requirements and scope out projects with the rest of the team.

What we do require

  • Experience building responsive UIs on the web, with best UX practices: you are comfortable with CSS and its best practices (flexbox, grids, etc).
  • Keen eye for design, and you enjoy building the best experiences possible for your user.
  • Pride in readable code.
  • You have experience with Javascript (ES6) and a good understanding of it.
  • Some experience (personal experience counts) building applications with React, and a willingness to quickly get up to speed on the rest of our stack (AWS, GraphQL, Golang).
  • Strong self-learning capabilities.
  • Great communication skills


  • Experience with Typescript and if not, you are excited to learn: we are keen to mentor. 
  • Proficient in Figma (easy to learn if you have used Sketch or Illustrator).
  • You test your code.
  • Experience with Google Maps, Mapbox, or other geography visualization applications.
  • Experience (personal experience counts) building mobile applications.
  • Let us know! What have you been working on that you’re proud of / what can we learn from you?


  • Working alongside both Jeremy Hindle, a well-known player in the London tech scene, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur 2018 with four previous tech companies including Headstart (YC S17), and Nathalia Rus ( 2018 16th "Woman to Watch" in the UK JP Morgan Future 100, 2018  "Most Influential Woman" at the University of Edinburgh, ex mentor at the Boeing Coding School, also known as @yeahgirlscode ).
  • Unique access to the world’s coolest cars, workshops and race meetings.
  • Full Development Setup.
  • You get to become part of Integrity and its close-knit community.
  • Flexible working – we use Integrity’s Discord servers to collaborate all day long.
  • Share options.
  • Conferences (attending and/or speaking) and learning resources.
  • Regular team off-sites.

Our Team & Culture

We’re a team of Petrolheads (Electoheads?), Engineers, and Marketers in London, Spain, Los Angeles, and San Francisco redefining the automotive ownership experience. We are all very passionate people - we love what we do, and each of us strives to be the best in our respective field. 

Custodian is a technology-first company and we will always be on the lookout for the best technologies available to use: we do not shy away from challenges, and bold choices - Jeremy Hindle (CTO and Co-founder) is an accomplished technical entrepreneur, YC Alum and Forbes 30u30 and Nathalia Rus (Co-founder & Product / Software Engineer) is constantly being invited to conferences to present how to structure code and ensure scalability within and across teams with Typescript & Atomic design.

Our Company

Whilst we have been developing the core platform this past year, we have also built a strong existing following in the automotive community of over 17,000 car enthusiasts, driven by our publication and podcast series called The Apex. We have done podcasts and interviews with some of the taste-makers and thought-leaders in the industry, including David Gandy, Lord Alexander Hesketh, Amy Shore, etc . Now ready to launch, we’ve just raised money from several top investors and are ready to take Custodian to the next level.

[Salary: 30k-35k]

Looking forward to hearing from you!

PS: if you love everything automotive, great! If not, you might just discover a world that has much passion, beauty, and exciting transformations ahead.

Role Type:
Part Time
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Project Based
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If you're unable to apply using the form linked above, please send an email to and be sure to include the job title in the subject so that we can filter it correctly please!

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