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Loving your car is easy.
Managing it isn't.
We built Custodian to take the pain out of ownership and keep your focus where it matters most: enjoying your car.

Forget the paperwork.

Digitise your ownership experience and keep all of your car’s important documents, photos, and reminders at your fingertips.

  • Build your digital garage

    Join the Custodian platform for free and start uploading your car(s) today.
  • Service reminders

    Make sure your car gets what it needs, when it needs it with customisable service reminders.
  • Preserve your car's history

    Securely upload photos and documents and set your desired  privacy settings.

Custodian's just getting started.

We're rolling out more and more features dedicated to simplifying automotive ownership and hope you join us for the ride. Here's a small preview of what's coming soon:

Events Calendar

All the automotive experiences, from cars & coffee to the concours.

Service Discovery

Find the right people who care about your car just as much as you do.

Ownership Timelines

The history of both you and your car, visualised in a single platform.


Buying & selling isn't just a transaction, it's a change of custodian.

We're changing automotive ownership content too.

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