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Protect your car's provenance and securely manage all important documents, history, photos, and reminders in one place.
Protect your car's history
Create a digital profile for your vehicle with key documents to help you manage the admin that come with ownership.
Simplify your car admin
Set tasks and reminders for services, tax and insurance renewals to stay on top of your tasks.
Reap the benefits
Leverage your digital garage to secure a more competitive, bespoke car insurance quote, all managed here.
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Privately share your digital garage and seamlessly transfer your car’s profile and history to a new owner when the time comes.
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Revolutionising the way enthusiasts insure their cars.
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Smarter insurance
A complete Digital Garage could be the key to unlocking a more competitive quote.
Tailored Policies
Comprehensive protection customised to your unique needs.
Modern insurance with a personal touch
Exceptional customer service from our team of experts coupled with an easy digital experience.
Connect with top dealers and enthusiasts on the only marketplace where every car has a fully transferable digital profile.
Our partners’ insights & takeaways
The site offers a clean and tidy, easy to use system, with quick support if needed! It takes only a short amount of time to upload a car to your garage, and only minutes more if you wish to list the car for sale on the showroom platform.
The Showroom acts as a beautiful showcase of our available stock and puts us and our cars alongside a plethora of other high end classic car dealers. Helping buyers find exactly what they are after, being able to quickly and easily reach out to us to ask questions or request documentation through their innovative and secure document sharing feature.
The Showroom not only looks great but is very intuitive to use behind the scenes. Uploading stock vehicles is quick and easy, and the level of detail is unlike any other platform we use. We are also delighted with the level of support from the Custodian team.
Works great on Android and Desktop!
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"I was looking to make  modifications to my BMW M4 but my existing insurer wouldn’t cover them and I was getting silly prices from comparison sites. Custodian offered a cheaper price with the modifications than I was paying without them, provided I documented all the modifications in my Digital Garage. It was as simple as logging into my Custodian account and creating a new digital history file, with the invoices and photos, to prove that the modifications had been fitted."
Roland, Custodian since 2020
I’ve recently taken out a policy on my 1963 MGB Roadster with Custodian. The process was straightforward and they were able to beat my renewal with Adrian Flux by around 10%. As a user of Custodian’s digital garage I’m looking forward to seeing the developments in the coming months as my insurance documents, and the ability to make changes to my policy, become available within the platform.
Custodian’s responsiveness, flexibility and competitive quote put them in front of their more-traditional counterparts. My mix of modern and classic vehicles did not phase them at all and the personal service was impressive. I’d certainly recommend them for clients with a complex mix of vehicles to insure.
Your car’s journey starts with you.
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