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Handover Process
Effortlessly transfer ownership of your car with Custodian's Car Handover feature. Select what to transfer, invite new owners and enjoy a seamless transition.
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Smooth Profile Transfer
Effortlessly hand over your car's profile to the new owner, ensuring a seamless transition.
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Customisable Handover
Select specific details, history files, and images to transfer, tailoring the handover to your preferences.
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User-Friendly Invitations
Invite new owners to Custodian via email, granting them access to the car's existing profile and its rich digital history.
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Quick User Search
Easily find existing Custodian users by their email, making the handover process efficient and hassle-free.
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Smooth Transition
New owners get an email notification and can accept the request, easily integrating the car's profile into their own digital garage.
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Handover - Application - Desktop app imageHandover - Application - Supportive app element imageHandover - Application - Supportive app element imageHandover - Application - Supportive app element image
Enhanced Profile Transfer

Seamlessly transfer your car's profile, including key details, history files, and captivating images, to ensure a comprehensive handover experience. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the new owner will have all the essential information at their fingertips.

Flexible Handover Options

Tailor the handover process according to your preferences. Whether you want to transfer the entire car profile or specific elements, such as maintenance records or memorable moments, Custodian provides you with the flexibility to customise the handover to suit your needs.

Handover - Application - Mobile app image
Handover - Application - Mobile app image
How do I initiate a car handover on Custodian?
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To initiate a car handover, simply select the "Handover Car" option from the action dropdown menu. Choose the new owner from our user base or invite someone via email. Select the specific details and files you want to transfer, and the handover process will be initiated.

Can I hand over my car's profile to someone who is not a Custodian user?
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Absolutely! If the new owner is not yet a Custodian user, you can easily invite them via email to join the platform. Once they accept the invitation and create an account, you can proceed with the car handover process.

What information can I transfer during a car handover?
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With Custodian's car handover feature, you can transfer various information including basic details, photo gallery, key moments, facts, and digital history files of the car. You have the flexibility to choose what you want to hand over, ensuring a personalised handover experience.

How will the new owner receive the car's profile after the handover?
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After initiating the handover, the new owner will receive an email notification from Custodian with a request to accept the car's profile transfer. Once they accept the request, the car's profile will seamlessly appear in their Custodian account, ready for them to explore and manage.

Can I revoke or modify a handover request?
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Yes, you can modify or revoke a handover request before the new owner accepts it. Simply navigate to the handover section, locate the specific request, and make the desired changes or cancel the request altogether. Once the new owner accepts the handover, modifications cannot be made.

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