Your Garage, Digital

Manage and curate your own digital garage. A one stop shop for all your automotive management needs. Track invoices, schedule maintenance, and share photos from your most recent car meet. Custodian is there to take the hassle out of car ownership.

Digitise your History File

Protect your car’s provenance with a fast, searchable backup of your car’s history. Log restoration projects, upload files, and track spending.

Work with mechanics, restorers and dealers by sharing your car's files with a single click/tap.

An all in one digital history file for your car(s).

Easy Car and Garage Sharing

Link Shares let you share your car or garage in one click with anyone in the world. Even if they don't have a Custodian account.

Direct Shares are ideal for secure collaboration with other Custodian users.  Share private information with dealers, potential buyers or service providers.

Set Tasks & Reminders

A quick, simple and powerful task system for your car.  Don't forget those important but easy to forget tasks, especially the far off ones!  Create tasks with granular reminders exactly when you need them.

A Community of Enthusiast Owners

A digital companion for your automotive lifestyle. Complement your road trips, car meets and auctions with our community focused platform.

Salivate over the best cars for sale in our curated marketplace for top dealers.*

Browse and discuss our enthusiast community cars which are On Display.*

* coming soon
A photo of the Custodian team working on the car management platform.

Building in public

By car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts.

The features and functionality of the Custodian platform and app continue to be developed in the open, with real-time feedback from the motoring community. Click below to see what's coming up and to vote on your favourite suggestions!

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