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A quick, simple and powerful task system for your car. Don't forget those important but easy to forget tasks, especially the far off ones!
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Task Management
Easily create and manage tasks for your cars or your garage. Set reminders and never forget important maintenance or upgrades.
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Add General Tasks
Add non-car related tasks such as maintenance or cleaning reminders for your garage.
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Customisable Reminders
Set reminders for any task, with customisable reminder times to ensure you never miss a deadline.
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Easy Task Filtering
Sort and filter your tasks by car, garage, or task type to quickly find the reminders you need.
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Complete History
Keep track of completed tasks and monitor their frequency to ensure proper maintenance and care.
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Easy Task Management

Users can easily create and manage tasks for specific cars or the entire garage. Tasks can also be created without being linked to a specific car, allowing for general maintenance or upkeep reminders. The intuitive task management system allows users to quickly add, edit, and delete tasks as needed.

Convenient Reminders

Reminders can be set for any task with custom intervals based on user preference. The reminders will be sent to the user via email, providing a convenient way to keep track of upcoming tasks without having to constantly check the app. Whether it's an oil change or a registration renewal, users can stay on top of their car maintenance with ease.

Tasks & Reminders - Application - Supportive app element imageTasks & Reminders - Application - App element image
How do I add a new task?
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To add a new task, simply click the "Add Task" button on the Tasks & Reminders page, select the car or garage it applies to (or mark it as a general task), set the due date and details, and it’s done!

Can I set reminders for tasks?
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Yes, you can set reminders for tasks. When adding or editing a task, you can choose how many days before the due date you want to be reminded. You'll receive an email reminder on that date.Yes, you can add multiple history files for the same event to provide more detailed information and documentation.

Can I filter tasks by car or garage?
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Yes, you can filter tasks by car or garage. On the Tasks & Reminders page, simply use the drop-down menu to select the car or garage you want to view tasks for.

Can I mark tasks as complete?
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Yes, you can mark tasks as complete. Simply click the checkbox next to the task to mark it as complete. Completed tasks will be crossed out on the Tasks & Reminders page.

How many tasks can I add?
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There is no limit to the number of tasks you can add. You can add as many tasks as you need for each car or garage, and also add general tasks that don't apply to any specific car or garage.

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