Custodian App launches customisable QR Codes for your car, making data transfer easy and stylish for car owners

June 14, 2022
June 21, 2022

Every car owner can create and customise their own unique QR codes for their vehicles. Custodian users are also given themed options inspired by iconic colour combinations that are sure to appeal to fellow petrolheads. Share your car's history and easily enlighten friends, prospective buyers or even tech-savvy concours judges with a simple scan of the QR code.

Custodian launches new sharing functionality to revolutionise car enthusiasts’ data transfer

May 20, 2022
May 24, 2022

Custodian, the platform and app built to remove the burden of administration from specialist car owners, has launched new functionality for users, allowing easy and secure sharing of information by vehicle owners.

Custodian – an App to revolutionise specialist car ownership for the next generation

April 21, 2022
May 24, 2022

For too long, the joy of classic and specialist car ownership has been tainted by the burden of administration, until now. Custodian has launched a platform and app for car enthusiasts, built to simplify the automotive ownership experience by combining cutting-edge technology with clear thinking.