Custodian App launches customisable QR Codes for your car, making data transfer easy and stylish for car owners

June 21, 2022
June 14, 2022

Every car owner can create their own unique QR codes for their vehicles, thanks to the Custodian app’s latest feature.

Cumbersome fact sheets and Filofaxes of history are now a thing of the past for owners looking to share their carefully curated car information. Utilising the Custodian App, a unique QR code can now be generated to easily enlighten friends, prospective buyers or even tech-savvy concours judges. A car’s past can be shared via a rich tapestry of images, ownership history and stories. Scan the QR code with a smartphone to have all this at your fingertips.

Custodian QR codes can be given a more personal look via iconic colour combinations that are sure to appeal to fellow petrolheads. Why not adopt the orange and blue shades that make up the legendary Gulf livery, or how about purple and white tones harking back to famed Jaguar Group C Le Mans cars? If you want to leave people both shaken and stirred, apply a fetching combination of Silver Birch and black as a nod to James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Users can also create their own colour schemes to match their cars with the resulting combinations being endlessly customisable.

For owners of vehicles attending events, such as Caffeine & Machine or the next Bicester Heritage Scramble, and wanting to give details of their vehicles, but without the need for printed signs, these bespoke QR codes can be displayed instead. Anyone with a smartphone can use the QR code to view information, without the need for a printed fact sheet, or to even speak with the owner.  

The Custodian App’s latest update lets users have even more control of what they choose to share, giving more choice and control over what can be seen via the QR codes, or secure links generated by the app.

Charles Clegg, CEO and Co-Founder of Custodian, said, “The addition of the QR code generator is a fun, but useful new benefit for owners, in that it allows hands-free sharing of information in a public space, all via the highly secure Custodian platform. The user can disable the QR code, or change what it shares at any point, so vehicle owners will always be in control.”

“We have already had Custodian users tell us that the ability to personalise the appearance of their QR code to match their vehicle and displaying it in the tax disk holder allows them to attend events without having to stand by their vehicles and answer questions. The feedback has been phenomenal.” Added Clegg.

The features and functionality of the Custodian platform and app continue to be developed in the open, with real-time feedback from the motoring community. This allows the developers to focus on producing features that are valued by users, not to mention solve the most common pain-points experienced by owners. Custodian will continue to take this collaborative approach to the continuous development of new tools, responding to the wishes of its users to apply fresh thinking and technology to age-old issues of vehicle ownership.


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