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What makes us stand out
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Comprehensive Record-Keeping
Ensure the value of your vehicle by keeping track of your car’s history with detailed descriptions, key moments, and attachment files.
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Digital History Files
All your history in one place!  Keep all of your car's important documents and information in one easily accessible location. Search and filter for anything.
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Tasks & Reminders
Have piece of mind knowing you are on top of upcoming maintenance and administrative tasks with full support for reminders which suit your schedule.
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Easy Sharing
Easily share your garage and/or cars with other enthusiasts, dealers and anyone you want to. Custodian is privacy first! Only share what you want, with who you want.
Icon Showroom
The Showroom
Explore a curated selection of enthusiast cars, hand-picked by our network of trusted dealers. You know you can trust the history of a vehicle sourced via Custodian.
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Effortless Car Management

With Custodian, managing your car(s) has never been easier. You can quickly add your car to the platform with an intuitive interface that guides you through filling in technical specifications, detailed descriptions, and attaching high-quality photos. Plus, you can easily customise and categorise each car's profile to fit your collection's unique needs. We’ll also fill in a lot of the information for you using your numberplate and/or VIN.

Showcase Your Cars

Custodian's digital garage lets you showcase your car collection in the best light possible with unlimited, high-quality photo uploads. Upload from any device, and they will be automatically optimised for the best quality and resolution for viewing anywhere..

Digital garage - Application - Mobile imageDigital garage - Application - supportive car imageDigital garage - Application - supportive car imageDigital garage - Application - Supportive car imageDigital garage - Application - supportive car imageDigital garage - Application - supportive car imageDigital garage - Application - Mobile app image
History File - Tag - AdminHistory File - Tag - InsuranceHistory File - Tag - HistoryHistory File - Tag - MaintenanceDigital garage - History Files - Desktop imageHistory File - Tag - TripHistory File - Tag - RestoriationHistory File - Tag - EventsHistory File - Tag - ServiceHistory File - Tag - General
Comprehensive Digital Car History

Custodian's digital history files help you keep track of all your car's details in one safe and secure place. Whether you need to know past ownership, service history, repairs, modifications, or anything else, Custodian's history files have you covered.  We support fast searching and filtering along with custom tags for the more organised among us!

Stay on Top of Car Maintenance

With Custodian's task and reminder system, you can easily stay on top of your car's maintenance needs. Have peace of mind knowing that you wont forget that next bit of maintenance or admin with customisable reminders and alerts for scheduled services, insurance renewals, and more.

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Digital garage - Tasks - Mobile app image
Digital garage - Application - Desktop app imageDigital garage - Application - Mobile app imageDigital garage - Application - Mobile app image
What is a Digital Garage and how does it work?
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A Digital Garage is a feature on our platform that allows users to create a digital record of the cars they own, including photos, descriptions, technical specifications, and more. To use it, simply add a car to your garage and fill in the relevant details.

Is there a limit to the number of cars I can add to my Digital Garage?
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No, there is no limit to the number of cars you can add to your Digital Garage. Whether you have one car or a whole collection, you can use our platform to keep track of all your vehicles in one convenient place.

Can I share my Digital Garage with other people?
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Yes, you can share your Digital Garage with other people if you choose to do so. This is a great way to show off your cars to friends, family, or other enthusiasts. You can also share individual cars from your garage with specific people if you prefer.

What kinds of information can I include in my Digital Garage?
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You can include a wide range of information in your Digital Garage, including technical specifications, descriptions, photos, and more. You can also add digital history files to track the car's past, as well as set tasks and reminders related to maintenance or other important events.

Is my data secure when using the Digital Garage feature?
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Yes, we take data security very seriously at Custodian. We use industry-standard encryption and other measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure at all times. Additionally, you can control who sees your Digital Garage and what information is shared, giving you complete control over your data.

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