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Protect your
Enthusiast Insurance
Driven by enthusiasm, powered by trust. Meet the insurance platform that rewards your automotive passion.
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Handpicked policies built for your collection.

Your car is special, and we know why. Our goal is to celebrate your passion by providing great coverage to those who are true custodians of their cars. Enthusiasm should be rewarded.

Introducing a new standard in specialist insurance.

We’re about cars and we’re about technology. Combine both with a leading panel of insurers with 100+ years of collective experience insuring all types of specialist motor risks and together, we provide insurance with a personal touch.

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A word from our customers
The Custodian service is truly bespoke. At last I have found someone who can arrange exactly the cover that I need for an eclectic mix of classic, performance and everyday vehicles - all in one place and at a competitive price. I’ve been needing this for a long time.
I was really struggling to find an insurance policy to suit me as a younger driver with a historic vehicle (I’m 23) I thought I’d give the guys at custodian a try and they came out not only cheaper than other competitors but a better complete package. Communication has been great all the way through and you genuinely feel like a valued customer. 10/10. Recommend
I came across the Custodian stand at the NEC show last year, and even from a brief introductory conversation it was clear that this was a company run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. With an eclectic mix of vehicles ranging from a 1913 Cadillac racer to a Bedford "Green Goddess", arranging meaningful insurance cover has always been a nightmare - the opportunity to gather everything under one company with highly tailored cover was too good to pass up.
I’ve recently taken out a policy on my 1963 MGB Roadster with Custodian. The process was straightforward and they were able to beat my renewal with Adrian Flux by around 10%. As a user of Custodian’s digital garage I’m looking forward to seeing the developments in the coming months as my insurance documents, and the ability to make changes to my policy, become available within the platform.
I was looking to make some modifications to my BMW M4 but my existing insurer wouldn’t cover them, and I was getting silly prices from the price comparison sites. Custodian were able to offer a cheaper price with the modifications than I was paying without them, provided I documented all the modifications in my Digital Garage. It was as simple as logging into my Custodian account and creating a new digital history file, with the invoices and photos, to prove that the modifications had been fitted.
Custodian’s responsiveness, flexibility and competitive quote put them in front of their more-traditional counterparts. My mix of modern and classic vehicles did not phase them at all and the personal service was impressive. I’d certainly recommend them for clients with a complex mix of vehicles to insure.
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Custodian Insurance Benefits
Salvage Retention
Keep your cherished salvaged parts if your car is written off.
Icon Showroom
Static Show Cover
Take your car to a rally, show, or event with peace of mind.
Personal Choice of Repairer
You decide who repairs your vehicle after an accident.
Icon Handshake
Agreed Valuation
Protect your car from fluctuations in its market value with an agreed valuation.
Car Club Discounts
Discounts if you are an active and certified member of a motoring club or society.
Icon Mileage
Limited Mileage Discounts
Receive discounts for limited mileage.
We Understand what it means to care for your car
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What types of vehicles can I insure through Custodian?
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At Custodian, we work with our specialist panel of insurers to offer coverage for a wide range of enthusiast and collectable vehicles. This includes private collections, classic cars, supercars and heavily modified cars. Our goal is to provide comprehensive insurance solutions that cater to the unique needs of every car enthusiast.

How will arranging my insurance through Custodian benefit me as a collector?
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Custodian understands the passion and investment collectors put into their vehicles. Through our panel of specialist insurers, we can offer coverage that safeguards your collection, including agreed valuations, flexible policy adjustments, and access to a network of fellow enthusiasts. We’re here to protect your automotive treasures.

Can I get coverage for highly customised or modified cars?
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Absolutely! Custodian appreciates the art of automotive customisation. If you are struggling to find cover for your modified or customised cars then we may be able to help. Our insurer partners consider the unique value of any modifications you’ve made to your vehicle in the assessment of your insurance application.

Can Custodian only arrange insurance for car enthusiasts?
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Yes, we are working with our insurer partners to offer attractive deals for users who actively demonstrate their enthusiasm through a well-documented and maintained Custodian Digital Garage. We believe an enthusiast’s passion and care for their cars bleeds through into their driving behaviour and they should therefore be rewarded with appropriately reduced premiums.

Protect your car with Custodian today
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Your car’s journey starts with you.
The only digital garage for enthusiasts to manage all elements of car ownership.​