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The Custodian team is bringing together top talent from the tech, automotive, finance, and marketing spaces and are hyper focused on one mission: taking the pain out of automotive ownership.
Our team.
Nathalia Rus
Co-founder & Founding Engineer
Self-taught programmer, ex Goldmanite and musician, Nathalia was named 16th "Woman to Watch" in the UK and "Most Influential Woman" at the University of Edinburgh in JP Morgan Future 100 (2018).
Nina Rynska
Senior Product Designer
Product designer with a love for minimalistic and simple things. Hobbyist illustrator. Enjoys taking long road trips and travel the unknown. An absolute legend!
Ohm Patel
Backend Engineer
A Go fanboy with experience building web and IOS applications using Go, Dart, Swift and Javascript. I love theatre, programming and new technologies.
Andra Ghitulescu
Frontend Engineer
Andra is a self-taught web developer, business administration graduate and ex public procurement clerk. She loves to paint in watercolour and spend time with her family.
David Marcus
After 25 years spent adventuring through over 100 countries using 7 Land Rovers, 4 motorcycles, 3 bicycles and 2 thumbs, David finally started a family in Cape Town and transcribes fascinating spoken content, including for the Apex.
Patrick Hennessy
Senior Broker
Meet Patrick, our veteran insurance pro, with a passion for classic cars and a commitment to assisting others. When he's not connecting with clients, you'll likely find him engrossed in a game of chess or gracefully gliding across the tennis court.
Lewis Pickersgill
Head of Insurance
Lewis has spent the past 6 years working in pricing, data science and underwriting roles across both the insurance, broking and retail industries. He has experience working in small scale privately owned entities through to private equity backed composite brokers & FTSE 250 companies. He has a particular interest in the application of novel data techniques to complex commercial problems.
Andrew Larkin
Digital Marketing Manager
A Dublin export, Andrew is a creative marketing mind inspired by community and the lifelong value of relationships. Passionate about vintage cars, meeting new people and great pints of Guinness.
Shayan Bokaie
Former partner at Petrolicious currently building engaged digital audiences and wandering around California in his Alfa Romeo GT Junior.
Archie Hill
A petrolhead through and through, Archie is the producer and editor of our editorial, The Apex. He is fascinated by the stories that surround cars, and can often be found at car meets obsessing over old Porsches.
Jeremy Hindle
Co-founder & CTO/CPO
Jeremy is a eight-time founder, Neuroscientist and Psychologist by training, and a self-taught programmer who is passionate about applying and building software which solves difficult problems.
Haider Imtiaz
Business and Operations Manager
Haider is a car enthusiast, avid reader, and a recent Imperial Business School Masters graduate. With a professional background in finance and marketing, he is passionate about business and learning.
Charles Clegg
Co-founder & CEO
Lifelong car enthusiast, historic racer and entrepreneur, with a professional background in investment banking and finance.
Diego Stamigni
Backend Engineer
Team lead and senior software engineer with over 12 years of experience in different fields, from apps development to backend development to distributed systems. Passionate about cars and music.
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