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The Custodian team is bringing together top talent from the tech, automotive, finance, and marketing spaces and are hyper focused on one mission: taking the pain out of automotive ownership.
Our team.
Nathalia Rus
Co-founder & Founding Engineer
Self-taught programmer, ex Goldmanite and musician, Nathalia was named 16th "Woman to Watch" in the UK and "Most Influential Woman" at the University of Edinburgh in JP Morgan Future 100 (2018).
Charles Clegg
Co-founder & CEO
Lifelong car enthusiast, historic racer and entrepreneur, with a professional background in investment banking and finance.
Shayan Bokaie
Former partner at Petrolicious currently building engaged digital audiences and wandering around California in his Alfa Romeo GT Junior.
Guillaume Campos
Has a lot of interests but absolutely loves cars. With a comm/marketing and entrepreneurial background, now dedicated to build the custodian community, meet likeminded people and be around cars.
Hector Kociak
Hector is a lawyer, writer and occasional test driver with a healthy interest in technology and engineering.
Jeremy Hindle
Co-founder & CTO/CPO
Jeremy is a eight-time founder, Neuroscientist and Psychologist by training, and a self-taught programmer who is passionate about applying and building software which solves difficult problems.
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Custodian is made up of many talented individuals working together to build an incredible platform. If you think you've got what it takes to meet the challenge of one of our openings or think you have something our team needs don't hesitate to get in touch.

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