Digitise your History Files
Protect your car’s provenance with a fast, searchable backup of your car’s history.
What makes us stand out
Timeline of Events
Add and track detailed events in your car's history, including photos, costs and other attachments.
Helpful categories
Categorise your car's history with our pre-set file types, including repairs, upgrades, and maintenance.
Cost Tracking
Keep track of expenses associated with your car's history, including parts, labor, and other costs.
Mileage Tracking
Log your car's mileage at the time of each history file entry for a comprehensive record of your car's use.
Easy Sharing
Share your car's history files with others easily, including potential buyers or fellow enthusiasts.
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Keep a Digital Record of Your Car's Life

Adding a history file to your car is easy! Simply select the file type, add the date, a title, description, and any relevant costs. You can also upload photos and other documents. Plus, you can add the car's mileage at the time the history file was created to keep even better track of your car's history and usage.

Neatly Organised History Files

Our history files are neatly categorised by the types of history files that were created, making it easy to find and review them at a glance. Whether you're looking for service records or restoration information, you'll be able to quickly locate the information you need.

History Files Are Shareable

Your history files are sharable, so you can share them with friends, enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone else who might be interested in your car. Show off your car's complete history and build trust with potential buyers by sharing your car's history files with them.

What types of history files can I add to my digital garage?

You can add any type of history file that pertains to the car's history, such as service records, maintenance logs, repair receipts, and more.

Can I add multiple history files for the same event?

Yes, you can add multiple history files for the same event to provide more detailed information and documentation.

Can I categorise my history files for easy access?

Yes, you can categorise your history files based on the type of file or the event it pertains to. This allows for easy navigation and organisation.

How do I share my history files with others?

Yes, you can share your car's history files with other people. To do so, you can either share your entire car information with a specific user or create an open link that is available to anyone who has access. This allows you to share your car's unique history with other enthusiasts, collectors, or potential buyers.

Is there a limit to how many history files I can add to my digital garage?

No, there is no limit to how many history files you can add to your digital garage. You can add as many as you want to create a comprehensive and detailed record of your car's history.

Your car’s journey starts with you.