The Showroom is now live

July 18, 2023
July 5, 2023

It's Here! The Showroom is now live 🚀🏁

From managing your car to browsing for your next, Custodian’s growing ecosystem simplifies automotive ownership. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our new marketplace for enthusiasts is live!

Say hello to the first and only marketplace where every car comes with a fully transferable digital profile. 

It’s not just another marketplace - here’s why: 

✅ Digital History Files: Request and diligently examine the digital history files of each car, increasing the transparency and confidence to make a purchase.

✅ Transferable Vehicle Profiles: Upon purchase, buyers seamlessly receive the car's Custodian profile directly from the seller, passing on its digital provenance.

✅ No Ads, No Spam, Just Cars: An immersive design and intuitive search features, allowing the premium experience you deserve.

✅ Exclusively Enthusiast: Simply, this is where you come for something special.

Now, users can not only manage their cars on Custodian but also acquire their next. Explore The Showroom here.

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