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About us

Custodian is a software platform built to make owning specialist cars easy and is set up to become the center of the enthusiast automotive industry.  We provide enthusiast owners with everything they need to look after their car, including insurance, financing, document tracking, image storage, reminders and more.  The platform also includes a marketplace, leading automotive publication (The Apex), and several social features for car lovers.

We started Custodian 2 years ago bringing together top talent from the tech, automotive, finance, and marketing spaces.  Since then Custodian has amassed over £100M worth of cars being managed by 3000+ enthusiast owners on the platform.  Our podcast and publication the Apex has also accumulated a following of over 22k die hard automotive fans.  We’re backed by some of the biggest names in Venture and Angel investing and are well established to take our business to Series A in the next two years (even in the current investment climate).

We hire globally, but are currently restricted to GMT -5 +5 time zones and have a preference towards people who are willing to travel to automotive events in the UK if their role requires it,

Our Team & Culture

We’re a team of petrolheads, engineers, and marketers in London, Spain, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We are all very passionate people - we love what we do, and each of us strives to be the best in our respective field.   We’re product led as an organization and all operate with deep care for our users and the automotive industry as a whole.

You’ll be working directly with Jeremy Hindle, exceptional serial tech entrepreneur, Forbes Under 30 and YC Alumni, Nathalia Rus, stellar multi-talented engineer also known as @yeahgirlscode, Charles Clegg, ex-investment banker and historical racer, Shayan Bokaie, ex-Partner at Petrolicious (one of the most popular lifestyle-automotive media platforms in the world), and an incredible team of passionate individuals.

The Role

We're looking for an ambitious engineer who wants to work with Go and DGraph to create the spine for all collectibles in the world (and perhaps beyond!). This role is our first senior backend engineering hire (at Custodian) and we're excited to bring a new powerhouse into our already talented team.

You Will

  • Build flexible and resilient APIs and microservices in Go that allow our users to have the best collection management experience in the world.
  • Iterate on technical specifications with our technical founders Jeremy and Nathalia and the broader engineering team.
  • Proactively identify solutions to problems in our tech stack before they impact our users.
  • Engage regularly in pair programming with founders and team members in order to upskill one another.
  • Offer mentorship and help with the recruitment and onboarding of new engineers as we grow.
  • Scale our platform from £100M of cars being managed on the platform to multiple Billions.

You Have

  • Built and been responsible for a mission critical applications written in Go.
  • Ideally have worked in a high growth start-up which has gone to raise its Series A/B successfully after scaling its Engineering operations.
  • Experience writing quality software in one or more of the following languages: Go, Typescript, Rust.
  • Experience designing, building, testing, and supporting backend services.
  • Used TDD in at least one production Go application.

Bonus Points

  • You actively participate in developer communities and love giving back to other engineers.
  • Knowledge of AWS services and orchestration using Terraform
  • Experience working with remote teams.
  • Used TDD in at least one production Go application using both unit and integration tests.
  • Experience working in a growing startup environment.

We would love to meet you if

  • You want to build something incredible and change the way an industry works.
  • You’re excited at the idea of making multiple collectable industries operate more efficiently (cars, boats, planes, instruments, wine).
  • You're a problem solver who enjoys figuring out which problems to solve as much as actually solving them.
  • You like to learn and adopt new technologies.  Learning to build things should be fun and rewarding for you.
  • You want to be a key part of growing a great company with great people.
  • You believe it's better to work with small numbers of awesome people than large numbers of average people.

Our Tech Stack

Some languages and tools we use.  We’re a polyglot company where Engineers have a lot of flexibility in what they work on and learn over time.

  • Go, Typescript, JavaScript, HCL
  • go-chi, dgo, fasttemplate, testify, (almost everything else is just plain Go).
  • Dgraph
  • Postgres
  • React, Redux, Styled Components, Jest, Cypress
  • NextJS
  • Terraform for AWS Orchestration
  • NodeJS (Ghost)
  • Prismic
  • Imgix
  • Postmark


  • Working alongside world class engineers and founders.
  • Unique access to the world’s coolest cars, workshops and race meetings
  • Full Development Setup (obviously)
  • You get to become part of Integrity and its close-knit community of top end engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • Flexible working – we use Integrity’s Discord servers to collaborate
  • Shares and Options are available
  • Conferences (attending and/or speaking) and learning resources
  • Regular team off-sites
  • We're adding more benefits as we grow as a company. Shortlisted at the moment is a budget to get your home work space regularly cleaned for remote staff!

Interested? Excited? Pumped? Hit that Apply Now button!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Role Type:
Part Time
Full Time
Project Based
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If you're unable to apply using the form linked above, please send an email to and be sure to include the job title in the subject so that we can filter it correctly please!

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