The all new way to connect with qualified collectors
Reach 30,000+ dedicated enthusiasts who take ownership to the next level.
What makes us stand out
Targeted Exposure
Reach a rapidly-growing, next generation of car enthusiasts.
Private Sharing
Securely share private listings optimised for off-market transactions.
Transferable Car Profiles
Custodian’s transferable Digital History Files elevate the buying experience whilst protecting provenance, pedigree & privacy.
It's Totally Free
List, browse, and connect with buyers for free. No hidden fees.
Dedicated Support
We're here to help - verified sellers receive access to our support team.
List with ease
Publishing cars to The Showroom is simple—add details, photos and build thorough listings powered by Custodian history files.
Offers and inquiries to your inbox
Quickly field inquiries, offers, and messages from Custodian users.
Stay connected with transferable profiles
Elevate the purchase experience by digitally transferring vehicle profiles to your customers' Custodian Garages and stay connected with your previous inventory.
Unrivaled Exposure

Our platform connects you with a refined and dedicated audience of car enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers who appreciate the value of specialist vehicles. Increase visibility and drive sales with targeted exposure across our 30,000+ user audience (1.5M impressions per month).

Easy to use, easy to look at.

Streamline your car listings with our intuitive interface and elegant design. Effortlessly upload stunning images, detailed descriptions, and manage inquiries, all while showcasing your inventory in a visually captivating manner.

Transferable digital history files

Enhance the buying experience by offering your customers a complete digital history file for their car upon purchase. Seamlessly transfer Custodian vehicle profiles, digital records, and photos to a customer's Custodian Garage and stay connected to the car's history.

Absolutely free for everyone

The Showroom is a 100% free-to-use platform for both buyers and sellers. We're committed to fostering a thriving community of car enthusiasts and providing value without charging any fees for listing, browsing, or connecting.


How can I join The Showroom?

Currently, registering to sell on The Showroom is not available to the public, as dealers are handpicked. However, you can sign up here and then email your contact details, dealership name, and website to to express your interest.

How much does a listing cost?

Listing on The Showroom is completely free of charge. Both dealers and buyers can use the platform without any cost.

What is the Custodian Partner program?

The Custodian Partner program is an invitation-only program for dealers who are committed to generating the maximum amount of exposure for their inventory on The Showroom platform. It provides special resources to help dealers optimise their listings and reach potential buyers.

How does car handover work?

At Custodian, we believe that the handover process should be smooth and easy, and our platform is designed to make it as seamless as possible for both sellers and buyers. When a car is sold through The Showroom on Custodian, the seller can hand over all the car's details to the new owner or select specific information to share. This includes basic information, photos, key moments, and history files.

I need help with The Showroom, where can I get in touch?

If you require assistance with The Showroom, you can contact the platform's support team by emailing We will be happy to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

I have feedback to give, whom shall I contact?

Custodian welcomes feedback from its users and encourages them to share their thoughts on how to improve The Showroom. You can submit your suggestions via

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